The Captiva Island Yacht Club is proud to organize this year’s Junior Sailing Camp. We are grateful for the Tween Waters Inn, who has allowed us to use their property.


Our programs are 10 days in duration (Monday through Friday). Students will have sailing instruction, cool down lunchtime, and kayaking instruction. We will be running two sessions this year.  Each session is to teach the basics to the beginning sailors and will build on prior experience and focus more advanced racing and sailing skills as you advance through the program.  

CIYC has purchased and received donations of a fleet of 12 Optimist prams and 6 Sunfish.  We have also hired Marshall Long as our lead Instructor for the program.  Marshall is a retired Special Ed teacher from the Lee County School District and certified as a U.S. Coast Guard Captain as well as a Level One and Two U.S. Sailing Instructor.  He has taught with the Edison Sailing Center for the past three years and is now going to be working with us in the summer and scheduled times during the year to provide sailing instruction to our island community.


This year we will be starting our summer sailing program with the 1st Session on June 15th through June 26th and 2nd Session on July 13th through 24th.  We are now having Fun Fridays during the sessions and a Family Sail day on the final Friday of each session.

Objective of the Program:

At the end of the session your child should be able to sail a boat single-handed. They will also be educated in boat safety and able to kayak independently.

What is Provided:

  • Each child is assigned to their own sailboat and kayak.
  • Sailboats used are Optimist Pram, Sunfish or Laser, depending upon age/skill level of the student.
  • Everything you child will need for instruction is provided unless otherwise noted.

What is NOT Provided:

  • Personal Floatation Device (PFD)
  • Lunches, Snacks, Drinks (except water from water fountain), Sunscreen, Towel, Hat

Class Size/Instruction:

Each Session will have 1 certified instructor, with 2 trained assistants and between 10 and 12 students.  Registration deadline June 1st.

Swim Test:

  • Swim 50 yards
  • Tread water for one minute
  • Put on a PFD while in the water
  • Swim 50 yards wearing the PFD

Parents & Friends’ Day:

The final Thursday of each session, parents and family members are invited to come and enjoy lunch at the Club and see the students receive there certificates.  On the final Friday of the program, family members are welcome to come observe the students’ new sailing and marine skills out on the water and even go out in the boats with them. More details will be provided.